About Us

About Globetrans EC LLC

For over 30 years, Globetrans has assisted early stage and small cap technology companies with their growth goals.

Globetrans has met client goals with resources and services that include the identification and qualification of funding sources, partnership qualification, M&A due diligence, competitive analysis, and market and policy research.

From the introduction of disruptive technologies to new cleantech market solutions, Globetrans has enabled the identification, qualification, due diligence, and fulfillment of partnerships, A/B stage funding, partnership and acquisition opportunities for new technologies.

Globetrans continues its 21st century mission to create and qualify opportunities, to support growth through smart strategies, and to develop and enable global market elements that promote and produce an environmentally-sustainable planet.  

Globetrans is here to assist early stage investors seeking cleantech ROI opportunities, and early stage companies with their funding objectives to enable growth.

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