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This Israeli technology company is in the “A” stage of funding with valid technology patents, and a seasoned management team. The company is presently at the commercial market stages of product introduction, with customer pilot programs in China, Isreal and Europe.


Global power producers, electricity transmission and distribution grid operators, utilities.


Real-time power condition measurements across the grid, coupled to failure predictions are just some of the highlights of the Company's sensor / software system package. Measuring changes in power flow and other operating conditions throughout the power grid landscape, and equally important, beyond the substation and on the grid lines and cables. All this translates into global real-time visibility for grid operators and unprecedented control.

The Company’s technology is comprised of power line-deployed intelligent sensors incorporating proprietary advanced hardware coupled to a highly adaptable communications interface and heuristics software engine. The Company's system is designed to provide grid operators and other power stakeholders with real-time sensing, monitoring, tracking, event locations, and operating visibility on power flow conditions, supply-demand load balances, power-specific security events, predictive fault and failure analysis of grid equipment and operating conditions, along with a wide range of adaptable infrastructure reporting capabilities.


The Company has no direct competition within the on-cable sensor technology field. Its system features unequalled cost-performance, on average 10 times less in total deployment customer costs compared to conventional grid sensing technology products. The Company's technology cost advantages enable an economic model in which wide scale deployment of its sensors is not only possible, but practical.  Equally impressive, is the Company’s product ability to provide unprecedented “predictive” alerts on developing fault conditions and their fault locations across the grid. These same system reporting and diagnostics capabilities apply to both above-ground and underground power lines installations.

In short, real-time reporting visibility beyond today's conventional sensing and substation-level reporting limitations, and at an unprecedented cost performance level translates for grid operators and power stakeholders into tangible operating and cost benefits:

  • Significantly reduce utilities operating and maintenance costs
  • Energy savings through the reduction of power losses per given KW/h sold
  • Reductions in power delivery inefficiencies, service disruptions and outages 

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